Saturday, January 21, 2012

When Deep in boredom, get a tattoo.

I've been thinking for a few weeks about adding a new tattoo to my collection of four. This one has the most meaning, but I wanted it to commemorate not the bad aspects of the last year, but the positives, namely, my strength.

So I went and did it today, and am quite pleased.

It says, "the strength of my character is defined by the weight carried by my shoulders."
But in French, the language of my heart.

I read a story about how the Army is finally doing four PTSD screenings for each soldier now. I hope that they make them more in depth than a questionnaire, and address with the soldiers that it doesn't mean your career is over, it means, get help BEFORE your self-destructive behaviors end your career.

Men think that they are held to a higher standard when it comes to admitting you need help, but to that, I say no one likes to admit they do. I have struggled on and off with SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder since I lived in Alaska. It's a deep depression that takes over mostly in cold climates due to lack of sunlight. Many women also suffer from baby blues, or more serious post-partum depression. Do you think it's any easier for a woman to admit she has a beautiful baby, yet is suffering because of the overwhelming nature?

They even made a movie with Sarah Jessica Parker, called, "I don't know how she does it."

How do women effectively have time to work jobs, take care of household duties and still have time and energy for romance? You men think we don't want to have sex as we get older, but did you ever consider we might just not want to have sex with you?

After two deployments, I'm like a camel. I can go months without having a sexual urge. It gets hard to flip that switch and become a sex fiend again after going that long. Plus, we don't have the time or energy to put back in to the relationships what was lost during your absences.
New mothers and mothers of young kids go through the same thing.
Sometimes you get so close to getting some, and then you make one dumb comment, and any warm and fuzzy feeling we had towards you is gone in an instant.

Now if Ryan Reynolds or Bradley Cooper showed up, I would probably rip their clothes off and have at it. But they didnt argue with me about running to pick something up from the store today. Lol. And they are hotter than my husband.

The point is, spend some quality time with your spouse. Learn to talk to them about things. When a wife knows you are sharing honest feelings, worries and concerns, we feel more emotionally attached, and you have a better chance at getting laid, as well as putting trust in your partner to be real and communicate honestly.


  1. You said a mouthful here Sister.

  2. I love tattoos and can't wait for my next one, I have live, love, and dance tattooed in french on my feet because it's the language of my heart as well.
    Bradley Cooper is fluent in french, and dear god both those men are sexy.
    This is very good advice, not just for army wives, but for relationships in general.

  3. I just added tattoo four & five. I did the Celtic motherhood knot with flowers running around in my children's birthstone colors- Love it!! Now to see when the husband comes home on R&R how happy he is about the new additions- he has no ink and I tend to get new ink with almost every deployment.