Tuesday, January 17, 2012

When the wind and snow are blowin, it's time for a siesta.

I've been locking myself away lately. Too stressed to deal with more than is on my plate right now. With the weather finally being normal for this time of year, it's even more reason to hibernate.

Things haven't been that fun lately. I hate living every day, hoping it passes by fast, but I do. I'm ready to move, although, I'm scared to do it and be free of the army. It's scary, after all these years to not have someone dictate where you can live, your schedule...and worst, no paycheck.

The next few months will be sit and wait. I guess it's no less than what I've been doing all along, but this time, there are so many variables.

The good thing, is that I made it through the past 9 months, so what is 3 or 4 more?

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