Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blah, blah, blah…I’m effing fascinating

Dude…I am trying here.

I’m putting out the effort to find some new blogs to read. I like to be entertained as much as being the entertainer.

So why the heck does it seem like a needle in a haystack to find NEW blogs (not the ones I already read) that can hold my attention span and interest for more than two seconds before I nod off to sleep OR roll my eyes?

I’m not saying it’s easy to blog. I can NOT be funny on command. I just can’t. I’m sure you realize that from a few of my postings, because let’s be honest…in order to write 4-5 days a week, you have to throw in a little BS.

I find so many stupid blogs that do nothing but promote other items. If you want to make some dough off your blog, that’s awesome. But don’t sacrifice your readability so you can get some free things. The only products I read reviews on, are hotels and cruise ships. I take my chances with the rest and live dangerously, so excuse me if I dont give a shit about how great your experience was with your new stapler. Book reviews are interesting, IF you review them in an interesting way. Don’t tell me it’s a good book without putting your spin on why you think so. I can read the back of the jacket too, man.

Then you have your habitual whiners…lots of military wife blogs…I get it. It sucks ass when your husband is gone. Go do some stuff to keep you busy, and then write about THAT. We all whine and bitch sometimes on our posts…that’s fine. That can even be entertaining. If I like your writing 90% of the time, I will even feel bad for you and commiserate. But when it’s the same post, every day..”I miss my husband…blah, blah, blah…I have nothing to do but stare at the wall”…Why would I want to read that? I lived it! It makes me want to come ninja-slap you across the face and tell you to get a hold of yourself. The wives that are this far up their husbands backsides are the ones who get a rude awakening when they leave them for another woman when they get home. GET A LIFE.

People…If you know of an awesome blog that I do not have on my Blog Love page, please tell me. PLEASE. If you have visited me before and put your blog address in the comment line, send it to me again because I may not have had a chance to check it out yet. Email it to me, write it in the sky…I don’t care. Just give me something else to read!!!!!

Shameless Begging About to Commence: I was nominated on Babble's Top 50 Mom Blogs List. So can you please take two minutes and click here: then scroll down to "Glamorous Life" (on the second page) and click on the "like" button.


  1. Hey,
    I've been reading GLOAAW for a month or so now, led here by Marilyn @ Fat Bottom Farm.

    Whenever I get a new follower I check out their blog.
    Sometimes, sadly, their shit stinks and I have to just thank them for following VSL and leave it at that.
    But I often find jewels that I want to visit regularly.

    Stop by my place anytime.

  2. Keri I could possibly be one of those Army Wives whose Blogs are boring to you-LOL I am not offended as I too have some BLOGS that I snooze through. Today in my BLOG I am asking for suggestions & I thought, hmmm with her quick witt this is right up her Alley. So if you want go take a look & see if you have any suggestions- I would love it!!
    I hope in your search for a interesting Blog you come across one or two Diamonds!

    Have a Terrific Thursday!

  3. Great post, well said! Thanks.

  4. i am always on the look for new blogs as my attention span is that of a gnat and probably i have attention deficit on top of my usual cluster fu*kage of ocd and anxiety.
    i'm not sure if i'm good for a read because lately i talk about weird dreams and i always hate when people do that but i'm out of material so whatever.
    thanks for the suggestions in the comments tho...i'll hopefully find some new places to visit!
    <3 andrea

  5. This is very similar to the way I feel about going to playdates. I started wondering how there was nothing more interesting to talk about then which diapers were on sale at Target.

  6. OK girl I have 3 for you to try if you are not already there. #1 is a classy lady named Katherine out in Utah. Her address is

    #2 is a guy named Calvin with some of the most interesting and funny stuff and his address is

    #3 is a young gal named Jenna who runs a farm in up state NY with sheep, chickens, rabbits, garden, etc and has the most beautiful way of painting a picture with her words. Finda her at

    Hope this helps.

  7. You can come check me out at
    I cant promise Im not boring, it is dead of winter in Alaska and I am BORED outta my mind!

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  9. I can't promise not to be boring, or even to write all the time, butat the very least do very little whining (I think)

  10. You would so love

    It's written by a gal who could be your BFF, absolutely hilarious. The two of you in the same room...crazy!