Thursday, February 10, 2011

My friends want to smother me with a pillow.

I know I’ve been ridiculous lately. I feel like the only thing I ever talk about is moving when I’m on the phone with my friends. I can hear it in their voices, as they trail off to mental sleep during the conversation. There is only so much you can hear someone whine about the same crap.

But like a crack addict, I can’t help myself, so I’m going to bore y’all.

Back last summer, Andy made the decision to submit his packet for recruiting duty. This was a topic of discussion during his whole deployment, but not an easy decision to make. Andy is a “hooah” infantry type. "Go infantry, or go home," has been his mantra since he joined the army 13 years ago.

But then things changed.

He realized he was missing out on knowing his kids.

He had to get hearing aids at 32, because his hearing was shot after working out at Sniper School for 3 years.

And he missed the hell out of his awesomely hot wife, who makes it a pleasure just to be alive.

He realized that his body isn’t going to withstand this abuse for another 7+ years and leave him able to work when he retires from the Army.

So he submitted his recruiting packet, which would be the Golden Ticket to sleeping in his own bed, almost every night for a 3 year period. It means no more missed birthdays or holidays. It means not having to go to bed wondering if he was shot at or mortared. It also means, we will be living in some normal, non-military community where he works 9-6(roughly) instead of 5am-7pm. After 13 years putting the army first, we come first this time. Don't get me wrong...I know that the army has to come first, so I hold no resentments. If you honestly believe otherwise, you will have a rude awakening as a military wife. But for the first time, we will be a real life civilian-esque family.

We didn’t expect to hear back so soon. He submitted his paperwork in July, and in September, we got orders for him to go to recruiting school in March. The problem was, they don’t tell you where the hell you are going. You have to choose 9 “regions”, some of which cover multiple states. Our choices, in order are:

Fresno, CA (Covering from Santa Barbara all the way north to Southern San Francisco)

Miami, FL (Covering from Vero Beach down to the Keys, including Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands)

Tampa, FL (Covering from Ocala to Daytona Beach, over through Orlando and the Tampa/Sarasota area)

Sacramento, CA (Covering North San Francisco up to southern Oregon and western Nevada)

San Diego, CA(Covering from Barstow to San Diego, excluding LA)

Jacksonville, FL (Covering north Florida and the panhandle, all of Georgia and southern South Carolina)

Mid-Atlantic (Including New Jersey and Delaware)

Harrisburg (The entire state of PA)

Baltimore(Maryland and DC)

So, we could be moving…IN 4 MONTHS!!!!! To any of these places. I have had to sit here since September, waiting to find out what freaken state I am even going to. Now he leaves in 3 weeks for recruiting school and STILL no word.

We are hoping to find out this week, but even after we find out which region, we might not have a chance to find out the city until we get there. That part is largely unknown until we can find out the region and make some phone calls.

Do you see why I am crazy? The recruiter told us last night that we might know tomorrow…so you know I’ve got a one track mind.

In other odd news…

I have still had pain in my jaw on one side since the wisdom teeth came out. Not severe, but enough that I still have to take ibuprofen. So last night, I was eating PB on toast and I felt the ridge of bone shift. I ended up pulling 3 large chunks of bone out of my gums!!! But the relief was instant. I guess I didn’t have dry was just these bone fragments down in my gums causing me the pain. Unbelieveable.

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  1. My gut feeling is that the doctor missed something when he was working on you that should have been removed. No good. Good luck on getting the info you need.

  2. A. Ew. I'm glad the bone is out, but holy cowhorns. That's ridiculous.

    B. My fiancee recruits out of Harrisburg!! Although he's supposedly getting orders this week (I've been saying that since the first week of January) and will be PCSing in October (supposedly). I personally am looking forward to his return to the "real" Army, and for the same reasons you're looking forward to recruiting! He wakes up between 5 and 6 most days, and sometimes isn't home until midnight. Tomorrow, for example, he has to drive all over the state and will be late. The other downside is that some of the recruiters seriously do nothing, and then the work falls on the productive ones. Which is annoying. Anyway. I'm writing a book here, but I know what you mean about having a one-track mind regarding PCSing! I hope you get your first choice!

  3. Ewww, teeth bones! Ow!

    I would be a mess not knowing where I was going to call home, I totally get how that would be all you can think about.

    I voted :)

  4. Ahh the joys of military life! Fellow mil spouse here, and i feel your pain. I always think I'm going to get used to the hurry up and wait philosophy but it never seems to get easier. Hope you hear soon!

  5. Wow, hope you get someplace warm and pretty. The allure of a more "normal" schedule sounds lovely.

    About a year ago I was having a root canal rehabbed because I'd had to have endodontric curgery twice on the gum of the tooth. My dentist found a cotton ball deep in the socket left over from the original root canal. Yup. And super ick. Needless to say the pain got better.

  6. Oh gotta love the army. My Dad was a reservist and my oldest is now in Cadets. Even in the cadets you don't know most things until the very last possible minute. Thank goodness for growing up with my Dad or my whole blog would be complaining about army procrastination lol

    Here's to living a piece of normality even if it's only for a little while. Cheers!!

  7. I have to ask, why Fresno? Don't get me wrong I live in Fresno and it's okay, but Fresno over San Diego? Good luck where ever you guys land! My bf is in the Reserve here in Fresno.

  8. Having him home will be an adjustment. It's nice, don't get me wrong, but when you're used to him being gone, it's weird at first. That happened to us when we came into my husband as ROTC cadre. We PCS this summer, but same story, not a peep. Nevermind that we have 2 special needs kids and 2 IEPs to transfer. Drives me freakin insane. Screw giving us new programs, just fix little stuff like telling us where the hell we're moving with a little notice, eh?

  9. We chose Fresno because it includes the South Bay area of SF which is where I want to be. Two of my best friends live there and they are like sisters to me. I figure Andy will be working the same type of schedule he was out at Sniper School when he was an instructor. Some days short, some days long, some weekends...there is always a sacrifice, but at least I see him every day!!!