Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Go Peddle Crazy Somewhere Else!

So I have a little bit of an obsession about “end of the world” scenarios. Don’t look at me like I’m crazy! We are upon 2012, people!

Andy LOVES to make fun of me that I love/believe in the possibility of any horrible movie that has complete and utter destruction of Earth. He also makes fun of me that I have a Disaster Preparedness Kit in the garage. I keep $200 in $1 bills, antibiotics, cold medicine, vitamins, Ensure, Pork and Beans, Rice, Tuna and drinking water socked away in case we are unable to get out of our house or a random asteroid strikes.

Do I really think something is going to happen in 2012? I don’t know. I think it bothers me more that something will happen in the next 5-10 years that we are unprepared for. Nuclear war is likely. Did you ever see the tv show Jericho? That shit scared me so bad, I stayed up at night thinking about it. I think that’s when I started my kit. I just don’t want to be caught unprepared. I feel like you might have a chance to survive it, if you have the right tools. Lots of people won’t. Look at the Hurricane Katrina event. And they saw that thing was going to hit them for a week before it even got there!

Don't think that the irony hasn't struck me that I am moving to the state in which all of the natural disaster/end of the world movies take place in. It's really kind of freaking me out that I will be there for 2012, and I know I won't have a basement to create my own little bombshelter in. I wonder how far I can dig? I've always wanted something a la "Blast from the Past", starring Brendan Fraser.

In any event, you should have a Disaster Kit like me. Keep two weeks worth of food, rotating it out every few months to keep the dates fresh. Also, pick up some medicine, and keep some cash on hand…people don’t realize that if the power goes out, you can’t buy anything with plastic. No gas, nothing. If you live in an area that has natural disasters, pay attention to the forecasts. Have an emergency bag packed with two pairs of clothes for each of your family members. The only thing I think I am missing is some sort of weapon. I think an axe would come in handy. You can kill attackers, or cut things. More useful than a pocket knife, anyway.

This week, they have been saying in the news that we are at our highest threat level for a terrorist attack since 9/11, and that we shouldn’t travel to England and Europe. Do you think this is likely, and would it impact your travel plans?

So, anyway…I shared my insanity with you today. What weird thing do you obsess over? Or tell me what your prediction for 2012 is. I’m curious.


  1. I believe that it is all up to God -- but I LOVE end of the world movies and books and everything else! My dad is a major survivalist. Although, I would suggest something other than paper currency . . . in the middle of mass chaos, I don't think paper money would be a valuable commodity (I'd think more along the lines of gold or food or tools), but that's my opinion.

    And I'm going to have to check out Jericho.

  2. omg, i am not alone. I obsess over the same exact thing! I used to have a kit ready, but that was less than yr ago and when I checked it last month, my gallons of water had busted leaving my blanket and everything else a soggy mess. At least I know my box is indeed water proof :)

    Now that its fresh in my mind, I may need to recreate my survival box again.

  3. My mom always had a "72 hour" kit... I don't and I should, not so much for an asteriod but just because you really never know. However, I dont think anything bad will happen on 12-21-12 or whatever that date is... I personally think it's going to be an awakening of how we're all actually living and some will get it and some wont and those that don't will sort of phase themselves out. But that could just be denial of the truth and me trying to make a roses out of a potentially grim picture... it makes me feel better anyway and with my past anxiety issues, it's better I focus on the pollyanna point of view! lol (seriously)