Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Got a Mushroom Print...and More "Like It" For Time News...

Yesterday, something BIG happened. Not big like, "I won the lottery" or "I finally got all the fat lipo'd out of my upper arms." But one of my first posts was posted on the Mushroom Printing website...This blog is run by Aunt Becky, and along with her main blog Mommy Wants Vodka (perhaps my fave blog of all time), they were both nominated for Bloggie Awards this year!

I was very excited because I heart her.

So here is the link to read it, if you haven't already...

WTF is a “jegging” and why would you sell them in a plus-size store?

I am a gal of a rather husky nature.

We’re called curvaceous by some, and that’s just fancy-speak for “carrying a few extra lbs,” I hear your cries. Over the years, the only store I have found that hasn’t shunned and punished those of us who can’t control our food intake, is Lane Bryant.

Their clothes make a concerted effort to mimic those in the rest of the fashion world, giving us options other than pleated Mom Jeans and the ever-popular Mumu. Continue Reading...

Also, our friends over at "Like It" for Time have some new info to put out about how to get more involved in the campaign to make "The Military Family" Time Magazine's Person of the Year. I am writing about 20 letters, so you better get off your heinies and help out too! If you are interested in helping promote the cause, or even being featured as a Yellow Ribbon Family, check out the site and contact Kristen.


“‘Like’ it for TIME” (LIFT) has announced March 4th, 2011 as “Mail-your-letter-to-TIME-day.” On that day, military families and military supporters will mail a letter to TIME magazine explaining why they think the military family should be the magazine's 2011 Person of the Year. Several “fans” of the facebook page (Click HERE to Like It on FB)  have committed to spreading the word on their personal blog sites, and teachers are even planning to have their classes write letters to the magazine.

LIFT will post a letter along with the mailing address to TIME Magazine at the LIFT website—LIFT Website —on February 28, making the process as painless as possible for participants; all they have to do is print, sign, and mail the letter on the 4th.

The goal is to overwhelm TIME Magazine with letters from across the country. The letters will introduce the editors to the idea, and with luck, they’ll get so many of them it will attract media attention.

Media attention is key to the effort. If the military family community and its supporters make enough of an impact to be addressed by the media, people will have to take an interest.

It's this interest that will strengthen the combined efforts of Mrs. Obama and Dr. Jill Biden to garner support and recognition for military families. Interest leads to understanding, and understanding leads to empathy.

That it’s no easy task to get thousands of people to mail letters is not lost on LIFT. This campaign is relying on the enthusiasm of military families and their supporters. The hope is that hundreds (if not thousands) will do this small, simple thing for something so important.

An email campaign was considered, but emails are too easy to ignore and delete. A deluge of actual letters people took the time to fold, tuck inside an envelope, stamp, and put in the mail is a bit harder to disregard. It  also speaks to a greater level of commitment on the part of the supporters. Also, it's a lot more fun.

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