Friday, February 18, 2011

I wonder what it will be like to not dream in camouflage…

Now that it seems more real to me, I’ve been pondering the realities of living far away from the army. I’ve been a military wife for 12 years and had it dictate most of my life.

What will it be like to not have 10 single guys over for Thanksgiving? (No one drunk, punching holes in my storage bins.)

What will it be like to not have to show my military ID to buy a soda at the shoppette, saving me the tax break of 6 cents? (Less of a pain in the ass when I forgot it, and have to drive home.)

What will it be like to have my car break down and not have 4 willing and able-bodied gentlemen in uniform stop to help me? (Mildly disappointing, I’m sure)

I think one of the things that stresses me out is the fact Andy and I have horrible potty-mouths, as does everyone in the army. I can sensor myself quite well at work. I always have been able to. But around my friends, it become harder to not drop the F-bomb, especially around children. Yes, I am a horrible mother and I swear in front of my sons. But I never really thought it was an issue because I don’t think swearing is that bad..they are just words and ones the kids hear from their friends and on tv anyway. I do realize though, that most of the population frowns upon it. I am reprimanded by my friends who talk to me on speakerphone while their kids are in the room and I inadvertently let one fly. (Ooops.)

Andy is HORRIBLE with dropping the F-Bomb. He says it in front of our parents, which I smack him for. I told him he is going to have to make a concerted effort to NOT swear at work. Can you imagine him giving a briefing on joining the military in front of a group of high school kids at the school? This is my worst fear. My two best friends live in CA, near where we are trying to go. Their husbands haven’t met Andy yet. I have anxieties that they might not like him. This is probably foolish of me, since most men like Andy, and so do most women. He’s a “guys guy”, but he’s a huge help around the house. The man owns a sewing machine for chrissakes. I have no idea how to operate it. But I worry that his rough-around-the-edges, unrefined conversation will offend my BFF’s more office acclimated husbands.

I’ve wasted most of my week doing research on houses, hotels and apartments. I’ve looked at jobs that I can’t yet apply for. I even have our travel route mapped out, complete with where we will stop for nights. WHY? Because I can’t stand to sit on my hands when I have such a big feat ahead. I am ready to go NOW. But I still have two more months until I can actually start checking boxes off my To-Do List.


  1. We are a lot alike when it comes to getting things done early. I wish for your sake the military did not move so slow. Hang in there.

  2. I like the f-bomb too. . . :) Cross country moves are always the pits. I've done it multiple times. You said you were moving to CA? I'm in SD!

  3. We've gotten much better about the f-bomb since having kids. It's a hard habit to break!

    BTW, as far as the Mil Spouse Weekly Roundup, I post every Friday who is hosting. Just click on the host's link on my page, and it will take you directly to their post. From there just link up in whatever linky device they choose. Does that help? If not, email :)

  4. I totally know what you are saying with the swearing in the army! We sent my 19 year old sweet little brother off for a few years and he came back with a big time potty mouth! My older brother though is in the Army as well and he works out of an office or travels ALOT and his mouth is not as bad. It doesn't make you bad parents though you are right they are just words. Good luck with the move!

  5. Ok. I once sat it on a future soldier function at my fiance's office. The recruiter was dropping profanities like it was his job. But when they actually go into the schools, I'd like to think that sort of thing doesn't happen (my fiance doesn't swear, period).

    Another heads up - the other night, my fiance had JUST arrived home when he had to drive 45 minutes back to the office because a future soldier decided not to follow through, so paperwork had to be altered.

  6. I do pretty well on not dropping the odd swear word in conversation, until it comes to playing football (soccer) then I get carried away and every sentence starts with F.

  7. If you think I'm marrying someone that is offended by the f bomb, than you don't know me. haha!

    I work in HR onsite at a major company, and HR folks have openly dropped the F bomb! There is also lots of drinking on the clock. Facebook has a freaking bar at their HQ! The thing about CA, is that no one knows the difference between a billionaire and an average Joe. It's acceptable to wear jeans to high end restaurants. In the cities, most people are from elsewhere, so no one fits in. The only people that stick out are those wearing shorts in SF in the summer, b/c it's cold.

    Also, Greg has a rifle as part of his emergency kit, in case of riots and if need to shoot zombies from a far.