Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Yes, I can finally stop whining about where I'm moving....right after I blog about it!

Well, friends...the verdict is in!

I had an unusually long meeting yesterday at work, and I was dying to get out and check Andy's email to see if the recruiter had responded with our assignment. Andy had called me the same time the meeting broke, so he was on the phone with me when I was opening it...and low and behold, it said very simply, "You are assigned to the Fresno, CA Battalion."

I'M MOVING TO CALIFORNIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is amazing. For the first 20 minutes, I felt a little rocked and even nauseous. I really thought we'd be moving to Florida. So much, that I had only really starting compiling research for Florida. This is a huge move, since we are in Upstate NY, and we have two dogs to bring with us that are NOT lap-sized. It's going to be pretty crazy to load it all up in 3 months and move it across the country.

And it's super overwhelming. Starting over, finding a new job, a house, schools, doctors. The only part that makes me feel calm in this is knowing that two of my very best friends live there. They are like sisters to me, except they are sisters that I picked. lol. We've been friends since we were younger than my sons are now. And I've always wanted to live in NY and Cali...although my NY dreams were more in the city, so this wasn't the experience I had imagined.

Let me explain about the "Fresno" part. That's the name of the region we chose, not that we will be living in Fresno. When Andy talked to them yesterday (yes, I made him call IMMEDIATELY)they asked where we wanted to be, and he told them close to San Francisco, since my friends live there. So they said they will have an actual city assignment for us by Wednesday. I won't hold them to that, but I can tell you Andy will be calling them on Thursday if we don't hear back from them.

In any case, my nerves will calm and clear when I find out the city because I will be in PCS-mode, making plans and arrangements. I work best under pressure. I am not really too worried about this move, when I realize I moved to Alaska with a 6 month old and a 18 month old. If I can do that, I can pretty much run the world.

I celebrated with an Ambien, so I could actually sleep for a full night and I was so exhausted, I racked out about 10pm...which is early for me. It seems real now, that we will be finally getting out of this awful place, because Ft Drum sucks balls.

Where was the worst place you lived and why?

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  1. I love reading your blog. I've never lived anywhere but Texas. So I'm living a little thru your blog! Thanks!

  2. Lucky you! My husband is at Recruiter school right now and we still don't know :(. I am on pins and needles to find out especially since most of the choices we originally picked were no longer open. I am happy to hear you got somewhere you wanted though!

  3. Lucky you!

    A. I'm jealous that you have your husbands orders!
    B. Such a major change from NY!

    My fiance is from California, so I'd love to at least visit at some point.

    Regarding traveling with dogs, I definitely recommend this post: http://navynest.com/2011/02/11/traveling-with-three-dogs/

    I hope you can find some useful information!

  4. That's great! We've been in Monterey, California twice for 18 months each time. (It's about 2 hours south of San Francisco) And we've also made that cross country (NC to Cali) trip 3 times! Good luck with your move.

  5. woohoo!!! Glad you got the place you wanted and hopefully you get to move really close to your "sisters".

    The worst place I've lived in was Winnipeg. Wait, I'm still here. I wouldn't be if it wasn't for my oldest and custody issues. I only hate it here because the winters are so darn cold. But alot of my great supports are here, so that makes it bearable. I want some place warm. Only 5 more years and I can make it happen if I want no custody issues to hold us back. yeehaw lol

  6. WooHoo! OK, you're still many miles away from me, but at least we're on the same side of the continent! And the worst place I ever lived is a toss-up between a Dickensian boarding school in Delaware and Carlsbad, New Mexico. The best? Right here, right now.

  7. YAY! so glad you're excited about it!! WOO WOO

  8. Thats wonderful news! I'm sure you will make the move just fine.