Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Um...yeah, me neither...

Did you ever buy a Ped-egg, as seen on tv, and realize you could've done the same half-assed job with a cheese grater?

Did you ever pretend to get another call so you could get off the phone with your mother in law?

Have you ever fed your children so much cereal for dinner that they think Spaghetti O's is a home-cooked meal?
('s not quite to that level, but man sometimes I consider it...)

Have you ever sneezed hard and wondered if you shit yourself?

Have you ever silently cursed yourself for not letting your husband have more "guy time" in the beginning, because now he's so well-trained you feel guilty to ask for a girls night out?

Have you ever watched a 12 hour marathon of Law and Order on a Friday night, only to realize you've skipped being your mother and gone straight to your grandmother's social life?

Did you ever question why women say they have "a headache" to avoid sex, and then one day the light bulb went on?

Have you ever seriously considered just buying all new clothes, rather than tackle the mountain of dirty laundry?

Do you ever want a bigger house, for no other reason than to be able to buy more stuff to fill it with?

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  1. Hahaha oh my that is hilarious. And so obviously (not) true. :)

  2. LOVE. Seriously. LOVE this post. lol.

  3. You sure know how to brighten my day. Great post.

  4. hahaha oh my, am I glad I stopped by here.
    The Ped-egg comment and the sneezing question made me literally laugh out loud, they're awesome.

  5. Tempted by that Ped Egg but haven't taken the leap because it looked slightly like a cheese grater. As for the laundry? Fully guilty. I've been known to take the kids out to Target for a fun Sunday trip of sock and underwear buying. I'm a good mom that way.

  6. This was too funny! You got my vote!

  7. bahahaha. I loved this so much I had to read it to my husband. lol