Wednesday, February 23, 2011

An Ode to the "fair-weather" Facebook Friends...

Yesterday I got a friend request from a girl who used to torture me in Elementary School.

I'm not quite sure why browsing through the lists of potential facebook friends, she would decide that I would be a good candidate. I don't even remember this girl past 6th grade. But what I DO remember, is her making fun of me for years. So why would I want to be friends with you?

I usually dont accept anyone as friends unless I personally know them. I have maybe 4 FB friends that read my blog...but they have to tell me thats how they know me because if I don't, I won't accept.

I can generally break my FB friends in to several groups:

"Actual, honest to goodness, real friends that I still talk to".

"People I went to school with and used to be friends with, and would probably still grab a beer with."

"People I went to school with and used to be friends with and have little than a vague interest in what they are up to, but they may be a contact down the road."

"People I never even uttered one word to in high school, so although I am a bit confused as to why you want to be my FB friend, I will accept you."

"OH HELL NO!" These are the crazy people that scarred me emotionally in a way that I will fully never recover. OR THAT I JUST HATED!!!

I am not about having 8 million FB friends. I think I like it just be able to think about a person I had a fond memory of, and be able to look at their lives in an instant...see how it all turned out for them. I don't care how the "bad eggs" turned out, because I have enough faith to know that karma has come back around and gotten them in some way. And because I am not truly evil, thats enough gratification for me.
Just a reminder…I am leaving for St Lucia!!! YAY!

So you will hear back from me on Friday, because tomorrow, I will be driving to South Carolina and then back to DC. In other words, NO POST FOR TOMORROW, unless I give you a status update via my Droid phone. But I am taking the laptop and the Wifi is ready in St Lucia. Have an awesome Wednesday and Thursday!!!

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  1. Enjoy St. Lucia! And I agree about the whole Fb friends thing -- ever since becoming engaged, people I rarely spoke with in high school or who weren't the nicest to me suddenly want to be friends.

  2. St. Lucia! Awesome! My bro is getting married there in May. I want to go, but medical issues prevent it. BOOO. Have fun!

  3. I agree with the facebook friends, i have people that just annoy me loads as my friends on there and share a hatred with. So I try to avoid those people. Have a good time in St Lucia !

  4. I am so jealous, have fun at St. Lucia and take lots of pictures so we can see. We'll be right here waiting for you.

  5. Ahhhh have fun in St. Lucia. I love the damn islands. . . we try to go every year. Drink some sort of fruity drink in my honor! I loved this post. I did a facebook post a while back and like you, I broke my friends down into categories. I think I only had three though, so you are better :)

  6. I voted for you. Again. You owe me. Just kidding. Have fun and remember that sunscreen.