Thursday, February 3, 2011

Revenge is a dish best served cold…and from Friendly’s

I’m a little pleased with myself since I misbehaved over the weekend. My youngest sister and I took our other sister’s foster kids to Friendly’s. My sister had no idea we had them, since she was at work and her husband was at home with them. We just called him up and told him we were coming to get them. My sister and her husband are VERY strict with the kids. Part of that is being new to parenting…and part of that is just mean (haha). So the kids had asked me if I would take them to Friendly’s because they said they weren’t ever there before. So we took them as a surprise.

It took us no less than 30 minutes just for them to decide what to get. We told the kids when we got there, that they could have ANYTHING they wanted. It took a little prodding in the right direction for them to even realize the possibilities that were before them. But two of them ended up ordering 5 scoop sundaes. Amazingly, they ate it all AND finished my sisters’ and my own sundae too. I was a little concerned they were going to vomit all over my car…so we decided to drive them over to my sister’s work and drop them off to her to bring home with her! Lol. First she was mad because we bought them balloons, and then was worried when she noticed “Friendly’s” on the side of the balloons. “You got them ICE CREAM???” She screamed. It was then that I told her she could see all the pictures the next day, like the movie, “The Hangover”…if she wanted to know what happened. LOL!

She ended up not too mad…but I am sure it will be awhile before she lets me take the kids again without prior notice!

In other news, they actually closed Ft Drum yesterday, due to the “snow storm” we had. If you ask me, it was no different than the “snow storms” we get on a weekly basis here, but hey, I am NOT complaining. I spent the entire day in bed, shirking my household and blogger duties. I guess this was the Groundhog’s way of saying, “Uh, no bitch…” to an early spring.

I find myself growing more and more stressed out as February slowly progresses. I realized my suitcases are not going to cut it for this vacation, so that’s one more thing to work in the already tight budget. We are trying to sock away not only money to move in May, but 6 months of my pay so that I have adequate time to find a new job once we get settled. We determined that we will get about $5k from the army, but we would be lucky if that will cover a deposit on a house. So it’s going to end up costing us about another $6k just to move, not including the loss of my income. There are also fun things, like a new sofa in the works. I can’t buy one now because we have no idea what kind of space we will have to work with. Keep your fingers crossed that we find out what state we are going to next week. There is a small possibility we could have an answer as soon as Wednesday.


  1. Don't you just love it when you can get something over on your sister. I do with my 2 younger sisters. I know the kids will remember that fun for a long time. Good luck on hearing positive news, stay warm.

  2. lol that is awesome. My sister has done these sorts of things to me

  3. One of my best friends lived up at Ft. Drum. She's now home happily in MA while her hubby is finishing up his tour in Afghanastan. Hope all is well for you up there in the frigidmess.

    And good for you. All kids need ice cream. (even if its only an excuse for us to, too)

  4. Sorry to your sis, but YIPPIE to the kiddos! Job well done! LOL.

  5. I don't even want to think about the sugar high those kids were on. . . .

    On another note, I hope you find out where you're moving! Hopefully, my fiancee will get his orders next week.

  6. You're the coolest foster aunt ever!!

  7. If you are looking for luggage, try seeing if the stores you frequent have a clearance section. I work at Kohl's and my store had a 7 piece luggage set on clearance for like $70 because it was missing one piece (like the travel kit, not the actual suitcases).