Monday, June 20, 2011

As if friends and family weren't enough of a reason to clean my house, now the President is coming!

Today I found out that President Obama is expected to show up at Fort Drum on Thursday for our annual "Mountainfest" celebration. It pretty much is like a big barbeque with musical acts. But the news speculates he will speak about the drawdown in Afghanistan. I certainly hope so. The last thing I need right now is the threat of another damn deployment. I am ready to be free and clear of the army, as employer to my husband. At least I have no chance of being deployed, even though I work for them too.

I actually like Obama, which is unusual for a military spouse, as most are staunch republicans. I voted for him. I liked George W and Clinton too, because even if our polical ideologies didn't match, they seemed like funny guys to have a beer with. I know my bipartisan attitude pisses people I will leave it at that. No matter if you like the President or not, it's still the President of the United States. And it's a big deal. I have shaken one President's hand, and seen another from 10 feet away.

So I will be pretty busy this week...I have a bbq at work on Thursday as well, where I have to bring a potluck dish. I have mountains of laundry to put away, bathrooms and carpets to clean and bedding to wash. We have company coming for our vow renewal on Saturday. Being busy is a good thing. It keeps me occupied and less time to dwell on unproductive thoughts.

Home projects, family visits, scary movies, pending weekend trips and work. These are the things that are helping me get through the past month.

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  1. My friend just told me to come check you out.
    I love Obama (milspouse here at Drum too). I would LOVE to see him speak. Do you know what time and what place? I'm so out of the loop.