Friday, June 24, 2011

Girls just wanna have fun!

I am so excited. I'm surprised I slept last night.

My friends and family arrive tonight for the weekend, and I can't wait to laugh.

I need to laugh.

Last night we had some good thunderstorms in the early evening. I was sitting in my garage, talking to Andy. Was a deep conversation and we were both emotional. The garage door was open, and it started to pour.

I love thunderstorms and rain showers. We used to get them all the time when we lived in Georgia. Frequently, I fight the urge to just walk out and stand in the pouring rain. To feel it wash over me, like a shower.

I didn't fight it yesterday. I got up, took off my socks and walked out in the storm. It was cold, but it felt so good. I just felt the water and the chill, and it relaxed me. Made me feel alive and free.

Must have scared the crap out of Andy, because he came out a few minutes later and grabbed me and forced me in the garage. He looked scared. Then he ran and got a towel, because I was cold and soaked. Then he shut the garage door, in case I got a little skitzy and took off again.

Made me giggle a little.

Is it crazy? I don't think so. There are plenty of people who would think it was, though. But to those people, you can't explain how a good thunderstorm can "set you right" again, at least temporarily.

Also, I booked my boudoir photos for August. Now I just have to figure out what to wear, which is always the problem.

Tomorrow I renew my vows. I can't say I am excited for that. I feel more like it's just something that I am driven to do. It's not the same as when you get married the first time. You are innocent then. (Kind of.)

But I have the hope that this time will not end in pain. That its the beginning of the rest of my life.

I can not wait to see my friend's boys. CANNOT WAIT. I love them. It's just as amazing to see what they created as it is to see my own kids. And they are all young and sweet, not mouthy like mine are.

Gavin got mad last night because he wanted to sleep at his friends house. He's been to sleepovers the past three weekends, so this time I was not giving in.

I was promptly rewarded with a text that told me how much he F****** hated me. (It was texted just like that, with the stars.) Evidently, he thought that as long as he didn't spell it out, it was not a big deal.

He thought wrong.

So I called him in our room, where Andy and I had just put in "Nightmare on Elm Street". Andy grabbed the remote to turn off the start menu, because it was mildly scary, but I told him not to. Let it scare the little bugger a bit. The movie hadn't started, just the reel that plays in the start menu.

Ha. Alternative parenting.

He walked in with an "angry" look on his face. Pursed lips and redhead scowl. He would've sat there for an hour and kept it up because he's stubborn as shit.

And then he realized what was on the tv screen, and his attitude quickly vanished, as he moved closer to Andy and I.

And then the anger flew away.

I am so smart. And a little twisted.


  1. Hey, was just gonna click over to say Congrats and good luck on the vow renewals this weekend, when i saw you had a new post. What a treat :) I am short on time (what else is new??), so here goes: 1 -- good luck is a dumb thing to say about this weekend, so I take it back! Enjoy it! It's very brave and awesome that you're doing this. Truly. 2 - I TOTALLY get the thunderstorm thing. I LOVE THEM. Always have. Still haven't gotten my kids to feel the same way, though. Sad. But my husband loves them too. 3 - HIGH FIVE on the scary movie approach to parenting. I gotta try that one.

    Have a fabulous weekend. You deserve it! I wanna hear all about it when it's over!

  2. Have a fabulous time with family & friends.